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The Benefits of Automated Employee Onboarding

The Benefits of Automated Employee Onboarding

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What is Employee Onboarding Automation?

Automated onboarding makes the entire process easy and memorable for new hires. It will help you guide new employees through your onboarding with no manual effort. Creating a simple one-time setup for your training sessions. This helps save your HR department tons of time! Onboarding also impacts the first impression your organization leaves on new talents. Modern software can be powerful too for enabling effective onboarding processes. Technology can help solve many issues common with manual employee onboarding.

Manual Onboarding Just Doesn’t Work…Here’s Why!

Companies often have a checklist of things they think should be done. They try to cram it all into the first few weeks of employment. The problem with manual onboarding is the lack of personalization! It doesn’t take into account the individual needs of each employee. This approach is also error-prone and difficult to scale

There are lots of different ways to do employee onboarding, but manual processes are always going to be a problem. They’re time-consuming, painful and ineffective. This is why many companies have turned to automated solutions to solve this problem.

Benefits of Automated Onboarding

Onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. With the right tools, companies can automate many of the manual tasks associated with the process. This will save time and money while improving employee engagement. In fact, companies experience a 50% failure rate in retaining hires if the onboarding process is insufficient (Forbes, 2018) It is important to get the onboarding process right.

Automation for better employee engagement

Here are some reasons why automating employee onboarding is good for companies and employees:

Employee + Employer Engagement Increases

Automating the employee onboarding process helps employees feel more engaged from day one. Without automation, they would have to spend time filling out paperwork or scheduling meetings. By reducing manual steps organizations can build relationships with their new hires.

With an effective onboarding program, performance improves by 11%. (Click Boarding, 2020) 

Onboarding Process Time Reduced

It can be easy to get lost in all the details of onboarding a new hire, especially when you’re trying to do it manually. With automation, you can save hours of time spent sending emails back and forth. You can also say goodbye to shuffling through tons of tedious paperwork. Companies have multiple departments involved in onboarding new hires: human resources, IT, and payroll. Onboarding automation helps everyone complete tasks much faster than manual onboarding!

Consistency Across Departments and Levels Within an Organization Improve the onboarding experience.

With an automated solution, it will ensure that every new hire has the same experience regardless of who they’re working with at your company. This will help you create a consistent culture throughout your organization. In turn this leads to the maintenance of a positive workplace environment.

It makes sure new hires get all the information they need before they start working. Most companies don’t have enough time to properly train all their new hires on everything they need to know. Automating employee onboarding ensures that new employees don’t miss important information

The Chances of Human Error Lessen

When you hire a new employee, there are many things that need to be done before they can start working. You have to create an account for them, set up their email address, and send them contracts or information about their benefits. Many companies delegate this task to human resources professionals. This leaves room for human error. Leading to delayed onboarding or even incorrect onboarding processes being implemented.

Automating processes ensures that everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. Automated onboarding ensures that the account will be created when needed. In addition to any contracts and other documents, that need to be sent at the appropriate time. This error free process saves companies tons of time!

Text "Stong onboarding process means higher retention rates."

Automated Onboarding Increases Employee Retention Rates

A strong employee onboarding process saves your organization money on recruitment. The standard cost of onboarding a new employee is almost $4,000. (Glassdoor, 2020.) Employees are more confident and happier in their roles when they feel like they have all the tools needed to succeed. This leads to higher employee retention rates, allowing organizations to keep their best employees longer.

According to the Harvard Business Review retention rates for businesses that provide formal onboarding training are estimated to be around 50%. There is a lot of room for improvement.


The automated onboarding process transforms your employee onboarding from manual and invasive to simple and helpful. It walks your employees through their employee lifecycle. Additionally, it establishes a new dynamic of continuous learning and better employee engagement. Software-driven automated employee onboarding ensures professional development and facilitates growth. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started with Clarity HR!

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