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Why is outsourcing HR a good option for Small Business?

We approach your individual business needs. If you have questions about what you can and cannot do. We can help you make the right decision for your business
Get started for as little as $99/month. 

Why does Clarity HR love to work with Small Businesses?

There is very little flexibility the larger the organization gets. If you have a rule you have to stick to it and it’s got to apply to everybody and it’s very difficult to have any kind of a grey area. With small businesses, it’s much easier to be able to find a solution that’s going to work for everybody.
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Why shouldn't you use Google for HR questions?

It can be tempting to try and find the answer to your small business HR questions on Google. However, rules and regulations are different in different states, and countries. Having the wrong answer could cost you thousands of dollars. Our solution is a repository of all the HR documents you could ever need, and if the answer is not there, do not Google. Call us!
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How do you know when to partner with an HR Professional?

Partnering with an HR Professional like Clarity HR takes the scary out of providing quality, professional services for your business. IF you have an employee, you probably need to start considering HR professionals to help you grow, so you can focus on the pieces of your business that make you money. We help you manage your human capital with kindness and flexibility as you grow.
We take the Scary out of HR services. Learn more about taking part in an HR Audit today.

How does Clarity HR view the People of your organization?

You people are skilled ambassadors for your business. The challenge is to manage your human capital when challenges arise. We are your problem-solving partner for life.
Let us help you leverage your employee's potential.

What does Clarity HR really do to help with HR services for my company?

Many people think that HR consists of a bunch of rules and regulations that are difficult to manage. Clarity HR helps you define your HR goals, puts all the rules and regulations in a box and that makes it easier for you to manage. We tailor what we do to your unique business needs.
Get Free! Let Clarity HR relieve the burden of the unknown!

What happens when you have a problem with an employee?

Just like in life, not everyone is going to be a good fit for you. When employees no longer fit the role of a position, we are here to help you through the exit process. Making sure a disgruntled employee does not cause your business harm is often a difficult process.
Whatever it is, we’ve seen it before! Let us help!

Is hiring a HR company a big expense?

Clarity HR is absolutely NOT a big expense. Our team can start working with you for as little as $99/month. We evaluate your needs and develop a plan that works for you, with a budget that you are comfortable with.
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How do AUI and Clarity HR work together?

As sister companies, we work with similar clients and provide services that align perfectly with small to medium sized businesses. Clarity HR helps you with your human capital needs, and AUI focuses on providing great benefit packages to attract and retain great employees.
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