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How to tackle HR as a growing business…

Published On:
January 24, 2020

There are a number of ways that a growing business can tackle core HR functions. Let’s talk about them.

Hiring an in-house HR professional or team. Wouldn’t we all want a dedicated person on our team to manage all of the talent we have on staff? Ideally this is the long term goal for most businesses, however the resources needed to build out a new department are often prohibitive for a small and growing organization.

Working with an HR consultant. A third-party HR expert can provide specialized support around the specific areas that your business needs help with. Hiring an expert is typically the best choice for long-term success. Consultants can also provide and configure talent management software to help you in house HR team streamline its work.

Outsourcing or contracting with an external HR service. This category includes a number of different options. You might hire a dedicated HR service to fully support your company remotely, or you could use web-based HR services to handle specific aspects, life payroll and benefits.

Outsourcing your HR tasks by contracting an external service or hiring a consulting firm is typically a smart move for small businesses. To learn more about ways Clarity HR can help you, contact us.

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